A Challenge To Make Windsor Better


By Dawn Storey (WINDSOR, ON) – Between high unemployment numbers, layoffs and cutbacks, worrisome population statistics, and local businesses closing (and taking jobs with them), it can be difficult not to get discouraged about our current economic situation and prospects as a city. As well, it can be particularly frustrating when you, as an individual, […]

Windsor Politics 101


By Dawn Storey (WINDSOR, ON) – Though I’ve attempted, unsuccessfully, to block it from my memory, I can clearly recall way back in my very early elementary school years when we first started playing baseball in gym class. I was still young, so hadn’t yet realized that I was, quite possibly, missing the athletic gene, […]

Becoming A Responsible Citizen


By Dawn Storey (WINDSOR, ON) – I’m rather ashamed, today, to admit that for the first thirty-some years of my life, I proudly wore the label of “apolitical.” Apart from a sweeping and flippant belief that one had to be either a liar or a crook (or perhaps both) to become a politician, I quite […]

It’s All About Perspective


By Dawn Storey (WINDSOR, ON) – The more people I meet in Windsor, the more tweets I read with a hashtag of #windsor or #yqg, the more comments I see on internet articles or Facebook posts about Windsor, the more I get to know the perspective and attitude of Windsorites in general. To tell you […]

Ciao Everybody!


By Dawn Storey (WINDSOR, ON) – Last year around this time, anticipating a trip to Italy to discover my roots, I started trying to learn to speak Italian. My timing couldn’t have been much worse! In addition to my full time job, the majority of my focus in 2011 was on planning and executing our […]

Casino Newbies


By Dawn Storey (WINDSOR, ON) – Not only are my husband and I newcomers to Windsor, we are also newbies to casinos. And when I say newbies, I mean complete newbies… as in, neither of us has ever set foot into a casino before. That is, until this weekend! A couple of months ago one […]

Gettin’ Around Town


By Dawn Storey (WINDSOR, ON) – One of the disadvantages of living in a city for an extended period of time is that things can very easily become routine, predictable, and (dare I say) boring. You see the same faces on your daily commute, you eat at the same restaurants, you shop in the same […]

The Cost Of Windsor Living


By Dawn Storey (WINDSOR, ON) – The other day I was taking care of the usual semi-monthly chore of posting receipts, paying bills, and organizing our household finances, when suddenly it hit me: This doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. Granted, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a delight (I’m not […]

Home Sweet Home


By Dawn Storey (WINDSOR, ON) – When we landed in Victoria after our week-long house-hunting trip in Windsor last September, my parents greeted us at the airport with a clipping from Maclean’s Magazine. The article they’d saved for us – “The Most Livable City?” – was about real estate in Vancouver, BC and had just […]

First Impressions


By Dawn Storey (WINDSOR, ON) – When you visit a new place, your senses are assailed by unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells, and your brain immediately begins to form first impressions and compare these new experiences to that which is familiar. For me, coming to Windsor didn’t involve leaving my country, learning a new language, […]

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