Les Beaux Jours

Cine Franco 2014 Les Beaux Jours

By Melissa Arditti (WINDSOR, ON) – Many people criticize the French for being pretentious, arrogant and even downright rude, but there is no question that when it comes to the topic of l’amour, passion flows freely through their veins. If you have ever watched Showcase’s “Friday’s Without Borders” in which almost every tale has an […]

Pig Shit Memories

Cine Franco 2014 La Cicatrice Scar

By Robert K. Stephen (TORONTO, ON) – In the Québec film “La Cicatrice” (The Scar) we see the damage caused by wallowing in pig shit. Interesting that pig shit is one of the most important aspects of the film. You’ll see Paul Simoneau (Patrick Goyette) as a young boy being bullied and disrespected by his […]

Entering Peak Selling Season

DesRosiers Drives Windsor

By Dennis DesRosiers (RICHMOND HILL, ON) – New light vehicle sales came in at 157,060 units, up 0.2 per cent from a year ago March and the second best March on record (2012 was the record year).   Now being up by a sliver isn’t shooting the lights out but when put in the context of […]

Naughty and Nice Ontario Wines


By Robert K. Stephen (CSW) (TORONTO, ON) – I’d rather be nice than naughty so I can receive loads of cases of champagne from Santa. Dream on. I am not terribly impressed with the wines I have tried from Burning Kiln Winery. Like Rob Ford videos of late they seem thick and slurry. Hmmmm…an interesting […]

Il Cavallino: A Good Formula


By Melissa Arditti (WINDSOR, ON) – It’s been too long of a winter so, at the first real sign of Spring, it was time to head out to a restaurant here in Windsor. Il Cavallino, run by General Manager, Frank Gobbato, is a great little bistro located at 9420 Tecumseh Road East, inside the well-known […]

Teen Rebel Movie French Style

Cine Franco 2014

By Robert K. Stephen (TORONTO, ON) – If you have been around for a bit you have seen plenty of teen rebel movies. “Rebel Without a Cause” with James Dean made in 1955 might ring a memory or two. Well the French film industry can imitate and create any film genre they want. In this […]

Nationalism In The Skies


By Mary-Jane Bennett (WINNIPEG, MB) – Emirates CEO Tim Clark says the airline industry considers the Gulf giant its “bête noire” –the “monster of the Middle East.” With two-thirds of the world living within eight hours of its Dubai hub, it seems the whole world is now changing planes in the Middle East. But in […]

Ruffian Romanians


By Robert K. Stephen (CSW) (TORONTO, ON) – I ran into a few ruffian Romanians in Romania before the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. Yes I have a few stories. Involved with a defector, tailed by the local gendarmes, sneaking into a Communist Youth Village discotheque (where the Russian Young Pioneers were avoided at all […]

The Truth About Food Dyes


By Sean Keats (WINDSOR, ON) – What Colour’s That Supposed to Be? Frosting on a birthday cake, breakfast cereals, a bag of candy, your favourite cookies, a cup of yogurt, pop, popsicles, those crunchy crackers, condiments, and even macaroni and cheese.  Food dyes have found their way into almost every processed food you will find […]

That Good Euro Film Mood

Cine Franco 2014 Adieu Paris

By Robert K. Stephen (TORONTO, ON) – Nothing like a good Euro film to get you thinking and then thinking some more. Growing up in Montréal with French television, particularly those late night French movies, has given me an appreciation of the French film genre. That’s the one where the characters are constantly in some […]

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