Discussing: Buddy can you spare…some understanding?


By Melinda Bane (WINDSOR, ON) – Let me ask you all a question; have any of you ever been homeless? I have. Granted I was a teen at the time but I still remember what it was like. I remember nights curled up under bushes to sleep when I could not find a place to […]

Discussing: Summer Symposium II


By Melinda Bane (WINDSOR, ON) – On Friday night Summer Symposium II was held at Place Concord and yours truly was given the opportunity to attend. I am so glad I went. It was amazing. I’m not saying that every note was pitch perfect or that there wasn’t a glitch or two along the way, […]

Discussing: A Lesson In Being Mean


By Melinda Bane (WINDSOR, ON) – Once upon a time there was a school called Roseland. It was a wonderful school where the teachers were kind and thoughtful and the students happily arrived each day eager to learn. Until one day when it was discovered that *gasp* there was a Desk Snoop amongst the older […]

Discussing: The Greater Good


By Melinda Bane (WINDSOR, ON) – And suddenly, I’m surrounded by crazy. *sigh* This fluoride debate has really opened my eyes and I am not sure I like what I see. It doesn’t matter which side of the debate you are on, many of you missed the real point here: We, the People, must not […]

Discussing: Military Mecca


By Melinda Bane (WINDSOR, ON) – So, here I am, minding my own business reading the news and what do I come across on the CBC News website? “Millions in Military Manufacturing Comes to Windsor”. Wait…what? After 2008 and the financial crash and crash of the auto industry, we were working hard on a diversification […]

Discussing: What the Hell Happened to Sandra?


By Melinda Bane (WINDSOR, ON) – There are theories a-plenty going around right now about why Sandra lost her leadership bid to Kathleen Wynne. I may as well toss in my two cents too. I don’t think she lost. I think a back room decision was made to give the leadership to Wynne. It didn’t […]

Discussing: If I Were Mayor


By Melinda Bane (WINDSOR, ON) – There is an on-running joke between myself and one of my co-workers here at the Square. It started during one of my rants over what’s wrong in this city. I remember saying “The City is a frickin mess…it’s going to take someone pretty interesting to clean this s**t up.” […]

Discussing: Greedy ENWIN Buggers


By Melinda Bane (WINDSOR, ON) – Oh ENWIN, you really caught me on a bad day. As some of you may know, I struggle with trying to quit smoking… terrible habit…tough to quit… makes a person irritable, but I keep trying. So of course today is the day that ENWIN delivers an “orange card” to […]

Discussing: The A Word


By Melinda Bane (WINDSOR, ON) – Abortion. Whew! That’s a big word isn’t it? Only eight little letters but it hits like a ton of bricks when it comes up. Above politics and religion, it reigns supreme as the topic of conversation not to be mentioned in polite company. We all know that this topic […]

Discussing: Having Mercy


By Melinda Bane (WINDSOR, ON) – Every year at this time we decide to “remember” our vets and the sacrifices they made for our freedom. There are parades and ceremonies. Politicians will recite their solemn prepared speeches to honour them. There are television specials and movies about war. The media will seek out local veterans […]

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