Robert Tuomi

Windsor's Parks Department is removing children's play equipment from city parks and leaving weed patches in their wake, such as this one on 30 August 2016.Photo by Robert Tuomi.

More Money For FINA But None For Parks

“It’s a crazy thing to rip out a playground and have no game plan for replacing it,” grandparent Gary Graves told the Windsor Star in…

The message board for the Ouellette Campus of Windsor Regional Hospital is seen on 2 May 2016.Photo by Ian Shalapata.

Leamington Hospital On The Chopping Block

There is good reason Essex County residents, particularly those in Leamington and Kingsville, should join Windsor in the call for an immediate re-think of the…

The Pearl Mist at berth amongst the construction area at Dieppe Gardens on 29 July 2017.Photo by Robert Tuomi.

Opportunities Mist By TWEPI

A regular on Windsor’s riverfront this year is the luxury small cruise ship the Pearl Mist. But, at this point, its arrival in Windsor is…


Making Windsor Great Again

(WINDSOR, ON) – A sense of elation has gripped downtown Windsor merchants. In non-cabal meetings at local coffee shops they are more boisterous than usual….

A Re-Think the Mega-Hospital lawn sign is seen in the shadow of the Ouellette Campus of Windsor Regional Hospital on 15 November 2016.Photo by Ian Shalapata.

New Hospital To Go To Essex

A while ago, before the announcement of the new location for a mega hospital to replace Windsor’s last two remaining hospitals, this corner of The…


One Candidate Halberstadt Overlooked

About all that can be said, in response to Alan Halberstadt’s June Biz X magazine column, is au contraire. Halberstadt had a look at who…

A 100 year-old steam-powered tractor was on display at the Harrow Fair on 27 August 2008.Photo by Ian Shalapata.

County Tourism Vigilantes

In baseball, its three strikes and you’re out. A taxpayer-financed organization has had three outs, but they’ll be allowed to stay in the batter’s box….

The east side of Pelissier Street is fast approaching dead zone, and could be tipped over the edge if store fronts are converted to parking spaces by the City of Windsor. The street can be seen in this file photo from 18 February 2017. Photo by Robert Tuomi.

Rose City Oddities

Even in the dog days of summer there is no shortage of oddities in the city common sense, for all practical purposes, ignores. First off,…

Councillor Paul Borelli wants a pilot project to allow cyclists and pedestrians to share sidewalks. This is the way it is done on the riverfront. It seems to work. Unicyclist Don Beneteau was staying within the lines allotted for bikes on 22 July 2017.Photo by Robert Tuomi.

Solving The Cycling Situation

The city is in crisis, and Windsor Council is doing nothing. Councilors wouldn’t even consider looking into a possible temporary solution to the daily battles…

Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island.Photo by Ian Shalapata.

Doing TWEPI’s Job

Here we go again. An attempt to spend an almost miniscule amount of money to lure more Detroiters to the area is simply more proof…