A Ridiculous Argument

Ontario Superior Court of Justice Windsor

By Chris Schnurr The Windsor Star has published an amusing ‘editorial’. Considering how the records are sealed, and that a judge has allowed the hearing to proceed thus far, despite a police investigation, upon what information is the Star basing this “opinion”? Evidently, there is some basis for the hearing to proceed, or is the […]

Building A Better City Begins With Budget

chris schnurr

By Chris Schnurr (WINDSOR, ON) – Across Canada, some municipalities are rethinking how they engage residents to improve decision making, and to make local government more accessible, transparent, and responsive to residents. Yet in Windsor, if the December budget meeting is any indication, such thinking appears to be unwelcome by some increasingly imperious councilors …

Act Now, Apologise Later

chris schnurr

By Chris Schnurr Justice was served in Justice Patterson’s decision of January 29. While affirming there is no prohibition against a defendant communicating with class members, Justice Patterson also determined the city’s opt-out campaign had a “divide and conquer aspect to it” that “pits taxpayers against each other” through “misinformation,” concluding charitable organizations were not […]

Uber: It’s About Choice

chris schnurr

(WINDSOR, ON) — It seems any move by the private sector to create jobs here typically has some people frothing at the mouth. I can only imagine what the world would be like had people opposed refrigeration in support of the ice-cutting and shipping enterprises, or if petitioners protesting the shoe lace to protect buckle […]

Ignorance And Arrogance Prevail

chris schnurr

By Chris Schnurr (WINDSOR, ON) – Hiring an auditor general would result in cuts to services or a tax increase, apparently. That’s a little hard to believe, but it’s a great diversion if you’re a politician who betrayed voters. Council missed another opportunity last night, to demonstrate leadership, because of either their lack of understanding, […]

A Promise Made Is A Debt Unpaid

chris schnurr

By Chris Schnurr (WINDSOR, ON) – During the last municipal election, many candidates were in favour of reinstating the Office of the Auditor General. Many of those same candidates were also elected by a wide margin. But it seems, for some councilors, campaigns are campaigns and exist only to say what is needed in order […]

Ground Hog Day

chris schnurr

By Chris Schnurr (WINDSOR, ON) – I swear. This election is like watching Ground Hog Day, only instead of waking up to the same day, ad infinitum, we’re trapped in a theater with no exits watching Gigli. For the first time in my voting history, I hate to admit, I simply do not want to […]

Life After Lay-Off

chris schnurr

By Chris Schnurr (WINDSOR, ON) – Many years ago, many more than I care to admit, my father shared with me Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If”. Now being the omniscient teenager, I of course promptly dismissed (while rolling my eyes) whatever lessons Kipling’s words had to impart. It’s curious really. We spend the first quarter of […]

My Council Picks

chris schnurr

Running for municipal election is not for the faint of heart.  It takes courage and dedication to put your ideas and yourself in the line of fire.   I’d like to thank each and every one of the candidates seeking the community’s trust by stepping forward. There will never be the perfect candidate.  I’ve read many […]

An Unequivocal Endorsement

chris schnurr

More than 11 years ago I moved to Windsor, not because of what I knew about the place I’m proud to call home, but for the singular reason of successfully finding full-time work related to my experience. This allowed me to pay down debts, and after years of renting, my partner I were finally able to purchase our […]

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