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Chatham United Way Announces Co-Chairs

(CHATHAM-KENT, ON) – United Way of Chatham-Kent Annual General Meeting, introduced their volunteer Campaign Co-Chairs were introduced during its annual general meeting. Patricia Wright, a…

Chatham-Kent police HQ CKPS

Commercial Vehicles Impounded, Licenses Seized

By Chris Schnurr (CHATHAM-KENT, ON) – Nearly 50% of commercial vehicles inspected during a safety blitz were taken off Chatham area highways Wednesday. Chatham-Kent police…


Windsor Man Tracked At 64 Over

By Ian Shalapata (CHATHAM, ON) – A radar program was set up on Highway 401 near Charing Cross Road last night, when a vehicle was…

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

Teen Involved In Industrial Accident

By Ian Shalapata (BLENHEIM, ON) – Just two days before a Windsor ceremony to honour those who have been killed or injured in the workplace,…

Police Quickly Recover Stolen Truck

By Ian Shalapata (BOTHWELL, ON) – It took police just one hour to locate a stolen vehicle and arrest the perpetrator, yesterday evening. Around 6:15pm,…

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Senior Loses $1,600 To Scammers

By Chris Schnurr (BLENHEIM, ON) – Police are reminding people to never disclose personal and financial information to strangers after a man lost $1,600 after…


Windsor Man Caught With Fuzz-Buster

By Ian Shalapata (RIDGETOWN, ON) – Drivers along Highway 401 near Furnival Road reported to police, on Sunday, the aggressive nature of a driver who…


Noxious Odour Clears Service Centre

By Ian Shalapata Chatham-Kent Fire Service were called to the eastbound Enroute Service Centre on Highway 401 in Tilbury, for a report of a fire….

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No Injuries After Plane Lands In Field

By Ian Shalapata (CHARING CROSS, ON) – A Chatham man is very fortunate after he made an emergency landing in his ultra light aircraft, yesterday…


Two Men Charged In Domestic Assault

By Ian Shalapata (MORAVIANTOWN FN, ON) – Two Bothwell men have been held for a bail haring after being arrested for an assault that occurred…