Detroit Out Of Gas

By John K Bennett

(DETROIT, MI) – Most people in Detroit were unaware that a mini-crisis developed but was quickly distinguished this past week when the city had no gas. All across Detroit workers, especially police officers, went searching for gas to fill up scout cars but alas all the city gas depots were fresh out.

The city of Detroit uses about 11,000 gallons of gas daily and with the lack of funds paying suppliers is a problem. Fortunately for citizens and first responders, police, fire and EMS this crisis was averted but with the city in the middle of a financial crisis there is not a better time to have some serious discussion and not just lip service on the usage or non usage of city vehicles.

Its time for all non essential personnel to park the vehicles. That includes City Council, all city department heads and staffs.

Why wait until police and fire can’t respond to emergencies before the cars are parked. They should be parked and stay parked until the city has a budget surplus and according to Mayor Bing’s budget proposal that won’t happen until 2015.

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  1. Honesty

    Detroits situation will never happen in Windsor, the mayor and city council will just raise our taxes. When the city needs more money they just raise utilities and our property taxes.

    Windsor has all kinds of dollars to spend even with having the highest unemployment rate in Canada at 10.1 %. We are loosing jobs out of the city every day but the tax dollars just keep coming into city hall so our mayor and city council can spend, spend, spend.

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