Improvements Made To City Website

By Harry Turnbull, Director of IT

(WINDSOR, ON) – We are approaching a month of operation for the new City of Windsor website, and we would like to provide an update on its progress.  A tremendous amount of effort by staff throughout the corporation was require d to get all the technology in place and content into the new site, and that effort is very much appreciated.  For the editors the learning curve was steep and they did a marvellous and professional job of working through it.  As a result we have a dynamic, modern website that can continue to grow and improve.

We have received a lot of positive feedback on the improved look and feel, as well as the new features, in particular the additions of Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels to our online community. If you haven’t had a chance to see our Tweets, videos and more, please have a look at our “Follow Us” page. Note: access to Facebook is still limited from the office, but open access is being investigated.

We are aware of some outstanding issues, and will continue to work on the solutions as quickly as possible:

  • Because so much content was moved, some formatting and content errors may still exist and we appreciate all efforts to help find those.
  • The “Search” feature is being refined to locate pages faster and more accurately.
  • The Newsroom is being improved to make news releases easier for staff and the public to find.
  • Issues with PDF files are being worked on.
  • The approval process for new pages and edits is being improved and we thank all editors for their patience.

We would like to thank everyone who has made suggestions and given constructive feedback on the website, and we encourage you to continue providing input.

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