Wiser’s 35 Named Whisky Of The Year

Giant fermenters, at the JP Wiser's operation in Windsor on 4 October 2017, were situated in place and the facility built around them.Photo by Ian Shalapata.

Giant fermenters, at the JP Wiser’s operation in Windsor on 4 October 2017, were situated in place and the facility built around them.
Photo by Ian Shalapata.

(WINDSOR, ON) – The big winner in this year’s Canadian Whisky Awards is close at hand. Corby Spirit and Wine, with its distillery in Windsor, had 21 whiskies recognized with prestigious honours at the eighth annual run of the awards.

Corby brands include JP Wiser’s. The 35 Year Old won the coveted title of Canadian Whisky of the Year and the distillery where it is produced, Hiram Walker and Sons, was named Distillery of the Year.

The 2018 Canadian Whisky of the Year, JP Wiser's 35 Year Old.Photo courtesy of Corby Spirit and Wine.

The 2018 Canadian Whisky of the Year, JP Wiser’s 35 Year Old.
Photo courtesy of Corby Spirit and Wine.

JP Wiser’s 35 Year Old is one of the oldest Canadian whiskies ever produced. Launched in 2017 as part of Corby’s Rare Release Northern Border Collection, it represents a traditional blended rye whisky which witnessed 35 local winters and 35 hot summers throughout its ageing period while housed in oak barrels at Hiram Walker’s maturation facility at Pike Creek, near Belle River.

“We are ecstatic to win a number of top honours,” said Chris Bhowmik, the brand director for Corby Spirit and Wine. He added the wins, “demonstrate Corby and Hiram Walker’s commitment to high quality whisky, and to continue innovating diverse products for an ever-changing market.”

So popular was the offering that it sold out in nearly all markets within three months of release.

“We absolutely could not be prouder to take home the title of Distillery of the Year,” said Dr Don Livermore, the Windsor-based master blender. “Hiram Walker and Sons is well known for being one of the largest distilleries in North America, but our size isn’t what makes us exceptional. Instead, it’s the fact that each and every one of our employees is passionate and dedicated to creating the very best whisky that Canada has to offer, and sharing that spirit from coast to coast and beyond.”

Hiram Walker and Sons distillery is the only grain to glass operation in Ontario and boasts the largest distillery capacity in North America, with 37 fermenters. The manufacturing process distills 180,000 litres of alcohol every 24 hours and operates 24 hours a day, five days a week, to produce a variety of quality Canadian products including vodka, rum, and whisky.

Tours of the facility in Walkerville are held each Friday.

The majority of Corby’s owned and represented brands are bottled and blended by Hiram Walker and Sons.

A Lifetime Achievement Award was also conferred upon Jim Stanski, the vice president of operations for the Hiram Walker and Sons distillery.

Gold Medals

  • Gooderham and Worts Four Grain,
  • Lot No 40,
  • Lot No 40 Cask Strength 12 year old,
  • JP Wiser’s 150th Commemorative,
  • JP Wiser’s Dissertation,
  • JP Wiser’s Last Barrels,
  • JP Wiser’s Triple Barrel Rye,
  • JP Wiser’s Union 52, and
  • JP Wiser’s Vanilla

Another Award

  • Connoisseur whisky of the year domestic – Wiser’s 35

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