Villains Beastro To Host Flashy Trivia Event Tonight

(WINDSOR, ON) – Villains Beastro is planning an evening of organized trivia tonight. Mack Flash Entertainment will do the organizing to bring to the bar an all-new movie trivia game, known as Flick to the Beastro.

Those with a handle on facts from past cinematic masterpieces are invited to form teams of two to four players. With their mind power activated, they will have the opportunity to put some heads together in a series of mini-games to test what they really know about the silver screen.

It will all be free to play.

There is one request from Villains managers. On a need to know basis, they need to know who is attending so their names can be entered on the event page.

Mack Flash has been bringing its trivia events to a number of local gathering places and will also be hosting trivia events on the same evening at Shooter’s Roadhouse and the Orwell Public House.

On its website, the company talks of having taken the, “concept of pub trivia – a traditional question and answer quiz game originating in UK pubs – and brought it into the modern light. By livening up the show with visual displays and including pictures, music, and video clips, we’ve made the experience less ‘academic’ and more ‘game show.’ Throw in a charismatic host, and you’ve got a winning combination for a successful night.”

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