The Great 44 1/4 Cucumber Tall Adventure

Hendrick's Gin Robert K. Stephen Balloon Adventure

Gin and Tonic Anyone? Photo Alexandra Stephen

Hey This Square Photographer is Enjoying the Orbium Gin! Photo Robert K. Stephen

Welcome to the V.I.P. Departure Lounge; Photo Alexandra Stephen

Hats off to Evolution PR in Toronto for helping to organize my 44 ¼ tall cucumber adventure. You see Evolution knows how to create relationships with “influencers” such as myself. Many marketing firms have no idea how to perk up internet writers and simply send e-mails informing them of wonderful products and adventures these writers are supposed to have some interest in. How is this possible when the poorly paid or unpaid internet writer can’t try these products or experience these wonderful events? Were these marketing firms thinking I was born under a rock?
In this case Evolution represents Hendrick’s Gin in Canada and invited me to my 44 ¼ cucumber high adventure and of course sent me a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin to sample. Then two people arrive at my door and present me with a huge invitation with gold tickets inside for my 44 1/14 cucumber high. They are dressed in Victorian period costumes. I am knocked off my feet without even trying the gin they dropped off.
Its L.E.V.I.T.A.T.R.E i.e. Your levitating, elevating, voluminous, illuminating, tantalizing, amazingly, towering roaming eye adventure. This means a hot air balloon ride to the height of 44 ¼ cucumbers.
I am invited first to the departure lounge in front of my old stomping ground Osgoode Hall near Toronto City Hall for magicians, organ players, palm readers and boisterous wenches all dressed in Victorian era costumes. We sit and await our departure sipping Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic however bad weather prevents us from lifting off and my photographer almost looks happy about that.
We take part in a tasting of a very limited-edition Hendrick’s Gin called Orbium which is even more quirky and delightfully peculiar than the regular Hendrick’s Gin. Feeling all is lost we leave and the minute I return home I see a reporter on the balloon relaying her 44 ¼ cucumber high adventure.
In any case my colleague and I had a tremendous and entertaining time. Iin fact it was unforgettable! Now that’s successful marketing. Giving a poor starving internet writer a bottle of gin and a 44 ¼ cucumber high adventure. I will admit I do receive tidbits of “comp” but rarely an adventure. I will always harken back to this magical night when I see a bottle of Hendrick’s and my next Martini may very well be a Hendrick Gin one!
Now if I can only persuade them to fly me to Iceland in the balloon for my next adventure!

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