Taxes Become Election Lightning Rod

Gas prices at the pump in British Columbia attributed to the imposition of a carbon tax.Photo courtesy of the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation.

Gas prices at the pump in British Columbia attributed to the imposition of a carbon tax.
Photo courtesy of the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation.

(TORONTO, ON) – Gas prices have become a hot Ontario election topic in light of record highs in the province. Calls are being made to bring forward policies to ease pain at the pumps.

“Gas prices are the highest they’ve been in four years, and the Wynne government has made these costs higher by bringing in the cap and trade carbon tax,” said the Ontario director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Christine Van Geyn.

At a press conference at a downtown Toronto gas station, Van Geyn presented a presented a chart showing, at current prices, gas taxes represent 33 per cent of the price of filling up a vehicle.

“Ford is taking the issue of gas prices seriously by committing to eliminating cap and trade and reducing the provincial excise tax. It’s one of the most dramatic promises to make gas prices affordable we’ve seen in Canada,” said Van Geyn. “Wynne and Horwath should take notice and follow suit.”

This was the CTF’s 20th annual Gas Tax Honesty Day, which included press conferences from Montreal to Vancouver. The Gas Tax Honesty Day report shows that taxes make up most of the price difference at the pump from province to province and even city to city.

Montreal has the highest gas taxes, at 55 cents per litre, followed closely by the rest of Quebec. Vancouver is ranked third and Ontario is ranked sixth.

“If we got rid of all the gas taxes, carbon taxes, and tax-on-tax today, the price to fill up would be 92 cents per litre instead of $1.37,” Van Geyn said. “Think about that when as you fill up your car before the long weekend.”

Read the 2018 Canadian Taxpayers Federation Gas Tax Honesty Day report.

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