Send Down The Rain: Charles Martin Delivers

Charles Martin is an accomplished author. So much so he has been on The New York Times best sellers list several times.
“Send Down the Rain” has a Hollywood feel to it and I would not be surprised to see the novel translated into film.
It is well written and in the old Hollywood tradition everything is hunky dory at the conclusion of the novel.
The public relations firm that provided me the book described the novel as an “unforgettable love story”. I think that shortchanges Martin’s talent. Yes, indeed there is a love story going on here but it is much more.
The novel is about a man named Joseph terribly scarred by his Vietnam war experiences ostensibly leaving him shattered but what pulls him through is not only love for a particular woman but his love of humanity.
It rekindles the horror of the Vietnam War and its deep impact on soldiers and a society that in large part shunned them.
The book is smeared with suffering of just about all the characters. So many of us are suffering from some bad experiences in our life and Martin reminds us of that. As Joseph says, “There’s a problem with spending your whole life trying to get back to good. Sometimes on the way back you bump into the bad. And bad doesn’t care. Bad is just bad. It likes it that way. And the bad is always hell bent on you never getting back to good.”
Martin is full of reflections on life through his characters and they are insightful.
In addition to love and suffering there are forays into illegal migration, drug trafficking, relationships, treachery, hope, deceit, the destructiveness of evil and the hypocrisy of politicians.
Although the first half of the book seems replete with individual subplots Martin sows everything into a powerful and very emotional conclusion. It just about overwhelms you.
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