School Trustee Candidate Calls For Board Merger

(WINDSOR, ON) – Running as a candidate for Catholic School Trustee in this October’s municipal election, Eric Renaud is calling for the merger of the English Catholic and English Public school boards.

Citing that WECDSB spent over $7.1 million in 2016-17 on board administration and that the Catholic board and GECDSB both offer the same provincial mandated curriculum, it only makes sense to amalgamate the two bodies.

“With the provincial government making cuts across all departments, we need to look at ways of making up for those cuts without affecting the services that students are receiving,” said Renaud. “Merging the Catholic and public boards is the best way to avoid cuts to the frontline education system.”

Renaud believes that in Ontario a Catholic education is a constitutionally protected right. Under his plan, Catholic schools would remain open and there would be no change to current programming.

“I’m only calling for the merger of school board administration and not to the closure of Catholic schools,” he explained. “Catholic schools offer education with a faith-based aspect and that needs to be preserved.”

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1 Comment on "School Trustee Candidate Calls For Board Merger"

  1. Patrick Clare | 30 July 2018 at 09:54 |

    “Catholic schools offer education with a faith-based aspect and that needs to be preserved.” Why? Provinces to the east and west of us do not have publicly-funded sectarian schools and are apparently not suffering from their absence. The Constitution provides for separate public schools for an oppressed minority, not for “Catholic schools” funded by all taxpayers in Ontario that teach Catholic math, chemistry and physics.

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