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Robert K. Stephen (Samos City, Greece)

You might want to try “Zen Restaurant” a few minutes away from Samos Hotel near the port on Samos Town Boulevard. A wonderful traditional taverna serving typical Greek dishes. The home-made fries/zucchini and eggplant are sweet and crisp, the salad a delightful mix of onions, green peppers, cucumber and tomatoes and the bread is simply irresistible. On the waterfront just look for the blue checkered tablecloths. Dinner with a bottle of wine was 37 Euros
If you are a true gourmand Epikairo at Kovtaξή 5 to your right at the top of the main square offers some of the best food I have ever eaten in Greece. The eggplant salad, cinnamon chicken amongst others were of truly Michelin starred quality. Bargain basement prices. What a delicious steal. Dinner for two with a couple glasses of wine was 24 Euros. Occasional live music. Greek tapas is the style.
Looking for Greek comfort food? You just might find the best chicken souvlaki and fries at Ψnτoпωneío which is right on the waterfront halfway between Hotel Samos and the town square. 12 Euros for two chicken souvlaki, fries, Greek Salad and 500 mL of cheap white local wine.
Looking for inexpensive taverna food then try Yianni’s Ouzeri which is on 49 LYK, Logotheti Street which is one street up from the ocean promenade. The mezze (appetizer) given with a monster pour of ouzo which consists of a Greek salad and a red pepper puree with sliced of preserved mackerel is almost a meal on its own. Touristy yes but aside from the souvlaki joints it seems just about every restaurant in town caters more to the tourist taste buds than to those of the locals. For the ouzo and mezze with main course of sardines and Greek Tuna along with a beer was 28 Euros.
You might think that the town ends where the Port is but there is a whole different and secluded part of Vathy to the right of the Port. But there only three restaurants that I counted. One of them is Welcome Restaurant at Kefalopou 10 right near the Samos Hospital. There is both an inside part of the restaurant and across the road a patio overlooking the ocean and the main town of Vathy. It offers perhaps one of the best places to see the sun set. The menu offers a complete range of traditional Greek foods like Greek salad, stuffed vegetables and stuffed vine leaves but is not afraid to experiment with stuffed sea bass, stuffed calamari and Cretan tacos. The fish is ultra fresh but cheap it is not. Expect to pay 10-20 Euros for each main fish dish. Ultra slim wine selection! Both wife and mom are cooking in the kitchen. Real home cooking! It is the next restaurant up from Artemis which I am told by a local it is where he takes his clients for excellent fish.

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