Rock’N’Roll Here Today

Guillaume Canet.

Guillaume Canet.

(WINDSOR, ON) – Today at 3:15pm and 7:55pm the Windsor International Film Festival brings real-life couple Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard to the city, cinematically at least. They play themselves in the French language satirical comedy dealing with aging in the limelight.

As part of WIFF365, an effort to bring more culturally significant movies to the city, the film festival is now offering a year-round sequence of showings.

In Rock’N’Roll, Guillaume is showing his age, so much so that a young co-star tells him he’s no longer all that cool, or not ‘rock’n’roll.’

When he realizes what it means he decides a change is in order and, first out the window, is his homey and comfortable life that, up to this point in the movie, has served him well. Now, he must start preparations for a more edgy star lifestyle, if only to prove his co-star wrong.

Guillaume’s route to being more edgy is marked with an obsession with creating a more appropriate image for himself, which requires extreme lengths.

Marion, his partner, seem oblivious to his increasing distress with his life situation to the point his efforts to change spin out of control. As the spinning starts, his once happy and content domestic life is put to the test.

Rock’N’Roll’s promoters describe the film as an, “hilarious satire of public life and its ridiculous demands on appearances and image. Complete with local cameos, Rock’n’Roll delivers comically disturbing social commentary with a directness that absolutely hits the spot.”

The movie will be screened in the Kelly Theatre at the Capitol.

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