Residents To Get Voice In Amherstburg Policing Issue

(AMHERSTBURG, ON) – Residents concerned with the proposed take-over of policing in Amherstburg, by the Windsor Police Service, will have a shot at derailing the process when the Ontario Civilian Police Commission holds a public meeting to discuss the issue. The OCPC will be hold the public forum on a date to be disclosed.

The contract to assume policing duties is scheduled to start January 1, 2019, if approved by the OCPC. However, due to concerns from Amherstburg residents, the municipalities have been informed by the OCPC that the meeting is a necessary step before any decision can be rendered.

Among other responsibilities, the OCPC is an independent quasi-judicial agency which conducts hearings into requests for the reduction, abolition, creation, or amalgamation of police services.

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Ian Shalapata
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2 Comments on "Residents To Get Voice In Amherstburg Policing Issue"

  1. Aldo DiCarlo | 16 May 2018 at 12:48 |

    I believe this is a very misleading article. The only issue that the OCPC will hear is whether the proposal from Windsor will provide ‘adequate and effective policing’. They will not be considering whether the residents don’t like the idea, those meetings have already been done.

    • Ian Shalapata Ian Shalapata | 16 May 2018 at 13:01 |

      The impetus for the public meeting has been concerns from residents about the initiative. OCPC doesn’t need to conduct a public meeting to look into “adequate and effective policing”, especially by hearing from people who are non-experts in policing, ie: residents.

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