Re: Liberal Drug Plan

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have failed to take our drug crisis seriously. The Trudeau Liberals have already announced that they will make prescribed opioids and even heroin available to drug addicts and they’re still rushing ahead with the legalization of marijuana.

And now, Liberals want to go even further.

This past weekend the Justice Minister told Canadians that she’s open to decriminalizing illicit drugs like crack, cocaine and heroin.

As we face an unprecedented opioid epidemic, the Liberal government should be focused on expanding drug treatment programs and making sure dangerous drugs stay out of the hands of vulnerable Canadians.

Instead, the Trudeau Liberals are spending millions on marijuana legalization and paving the way toward more drugs being available to Canadians.

Canada’s Conservatives take this drug crisis seriously. That’s why we’re demanding that Justin Trudeau put the safety and the health of young people first, ahead of their ideological disposition to drug use.

Marilyn Gladu, MP
Sarnia — Lambton

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2 Comments on "Re: Liberal Drug Plan"

  1. Leslie McBain | 26 April 2018 at 16:43 |

    Decriminalizing drugs is one strong way to begin to stop stigmatized thinking, and help people with SUD (Substance Use Disorder). Why should people who have SUD be incarcerated for using the drug/medication they need to prevent withdrawal illness? If the medication they need is not available legally, they must access street illicit dangerous drugs. They need access to safe drugs until they can get into low barrier accessible treatment. I thank Marilyn Gladu for her obvious interest and concern on the problem, but I would also ask that she do more research on evidence based best practices for people who use drugs. Compassion is in order. Leslie McBain, co-founder

  2. Refraining from criminalizing drug users would have no impact whatsoever on availability. We have been pondering and studying regulating cannabis for over two years, longer if we count the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs of 2002 and the Le Dain Commission of 1972.

    It appears to me that it is the Conservatives who are being ideological, consistent with how they handled the issue when they were in power. Rather than expand treatment, they imposed unconstitutional mandatory minimum sentences and fought supervised injection sites all the way to the Supreme Court, losing unanimously.

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