NAFTA’s Effect On Non-Manufacturing Automotive Jobs

(RICHMOND HILL, ON) – The North American Free Trade Agreement has played a key role in shaping the modern day automotive manufacturing environment. As such, the recent renegotiation of NAFTA has been a hot topic of discussion for automakers, industry analysts, and consumers alike.

From an economic standpoint, NAFTA offered multiple benefits to the auto sector contributing to growth in the markets of all three countries involved. The concern with the renegotiation is that the changes to NAFTA will be decided on the grounds of politics rather than economics.

In this month’s Observations from DAC, we explore the impact of NAFTA on cost competitiveness in the industry, vehicle ownership, and employment. A discussion of the possible effects of a renegotiated NAFTA, whether that comes from a place of economics or a place of politics, is also included.

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Dennis DesRosiers
Since the founding of his independent consulting practice in 1985, Dennis DesRosiers has become Canada’s leading automotive industry analyst and one of the foremost theorists in the North American automotive industry. More information can be found in the DesRosiers Automotive Reports published by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants. For more information on these reports call 905-881-0400 x26 or Email DAC.