Life At Megacorp 9

Your ego may be somewhat bruised after your firing. However, on top of that you must communicate the Blessed Event to your family.

It is a difficult and often a humiliating endeavour. My teenage daughter Lexia was in shock wondering how “they” could do this to me. If there was anything positive, she gained a glimpse of how brutal Megacorp could be.

I found it touching how she offered to turn over to me her savings account.

My spouse was shocked, but also working for a Megacorp was not completely bowled over. I had previously related to her my meeting with Brian Cochon of Ooze & Ooze months ago when he said to me “you’ll be terminated if you don’t refund pension fund expenses” to his client.

It was becoming quite apparent it was not the termination of the business relationship between his client and CRAP, but the termination of my employment relationship with CRAP.

Poker and Cochon were working hand in hand on this one. And it was clear to me my conspiracy theory was right on the money.

Your spouse may be your strongest supporter of you as you struggle back to your feet like a deer hit by a car. Yet at times, due to your sensitivity, negative comments from family and friends can cut deep. Don’t expect a happy June or Ward Cleaver.

Your blood from the corporate hit is splattered all over your spouse, too. The insult to you is also an insult to your spouse. Your embarrassment and humiliation may become a family affair. This is a hard cross to bear.

I sense for many termination victims a deep distrust, hatred, and cynicism concerning Megacorp and its Senior Management Team is born. The SMT is the perpetrator of the shattered family.

It isn’t in the Marxist textbooks or the in the pocket of Megacorp MBA curriculums that will define the future of Canadian corporate life. It is in the vast collection of dirty little Blessed Events, the increasingly public disclosure of executive compensation, and the racist, sexist, and homophobic composition of Megacorp’s SMTs and boards of directors.

That will shape perceptions of Megacorp and possibly that of its very survival.

However, as employee, fear of losing the next pay cheque keeps employees in line. There is silence in the ranks (at least publicly) concerning the butchery and mismanagement by Megacorp of its employees. Hopefully, in some distant time and place, the private truthful cynicism about Megacorp will outweigh the tons of Megacorp propaganda.

Perhaps at that time the secret greed and manipulation of Megacorp by the SMT will be in full public view. Apollo’s wings will be melted by the heat of securities regulators.

In the meantime, what more can you do but limp on and hope for a new job and, of course, a chance for revenge. Again, as for anger, control and manage your urge for revenge. Both these emotions can be powerful motivators in your job search if properly regulated.

Both you and your family have been hurt. Best that you not get wound up in family imbroglios if they bubble over. Better times are coming.

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Ross Trenholm
Life at Megacorp is a true-to-life account of living and working in the higher echelons of the corporate world. Ross Trenholm is the fictionalized persona of those who have lived the Megacorp life and only the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent.