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Canadian capitalism has a nasty side to it, but at least there has been a touch of paternalism and a tiny sense of caring for white employees. Megacorps in Canada, which are controlled by Yankees, really have no pretense of paternalism and any care for employees is self-serving and transparently shallow.

The history of unionism in that country shows a bloodthirsty anti-worker strain. Murderous, in fact.

It’s been particularly virulent in the coal mining sector, which is all the more relevant to me, as I have made reference to coal mining, the Industrial Revolution, and child labour practices in England and compared them to Megacorp workers in office towers.

Working for a Megacorp International Turtle Bay, and working for Canadian Megacorp CRAP, taught me that Canadian Megacorps are nasty, but the International Megacorps are even more brutal. Perhaps the worst example of Canadian Megacorps was the treatment of Chinese workers imported to build Canadian railroads in the mid-19th century.

While Canada moved beyond that terrible transparent exploitation of labour, Americans never seemed to progress further than setting Pinkerton security guards on murderous rampages against striking employees or in the midst of unionization drives.

US-controlled Megacorps still maintain a hatred for employees and continue with a robber baron mentality about raiding corporate coffers to bulge their pockets with profits. Armed with slick lingo supplied by management school graduates, they have rationalized their hatred of employees.

It has been replaced by Management Psychology and by Productivity of the Workplace, but there is something evil, aggressive, and hateful about American Megacorps. American CEO’s even look evil and threatening. The CEO of Turtle Bay America looked like a gangster.

I get a chill listening to them, particularly when they pretend to care about employees, which is not often. In the years I worked for Turtle Bay Canada, any communication from the American CEO was brutally cold.

He was a square jawed, buttoned down psychopath droning on about expense reduction and the sacrifices employees must make in the holy altar of shareholder return. His employee sacrifice bent was becoming tiresome, but SEC filings concerning his compensation certainly showed no sacrifice on his part.

His pay package had skyrocketed while I hadn’t had a salary increase in three years. All my legal colleagues just kept getting flattered each Christmas by our General Counsel thanking us for our sacrifices yet warning us of further sacrifices to be made in the upcoming year. These communications warmed our hearts.

And, near the end of my tenure, salary freezes were common for the legal team. Were all employees now like some sacrificial lamb to analysts?

This hatred is very difficult to detect, but listening to the edicts of American Megacorp leaders, the hatred of workers is nuanced and reflected right back at Megacorp.

Megacorp’s Senior Management Team behaviour sends a strong message that employees are a lowlife commodity to be manipulated and exploited out of one side of the mouth, yet supposedly cared for from the other side.

The result is that reality shows downsizing and outsourcing are more important than any sense of Americanism and patriotism. Turtle Bay, at one point, had 7,000 Indian employees, leading to a conclusion about Turtle Bay and American employees and patriotism.

How many times have I seen the Governor of New York State or Mayor of New York City snuggle up to the CEO of Turtle Bay America, expressing gratitude about the employment of New York citizens, all during downsizing and outsourcing to India?

There are few things worse than a suckered in politician

In listening to the various CEO’s of Turtle Bay over the years, my perception is that they are Americans with very little compassion or empathy, except to line their own pockets. There is a simmering hatred of labour and an indifference to the destruction of American society through outsourcing and downsizing.

Canadian Megacorp is mean but, according to my vibes, American Megacorp is relentlessly brutal and vicious. Is there any wonder Donald Trump is the President of the United States? I see so much of Charles Manson in the faces and language of Yankee Megacorp CEOs it is chilling.

The Inability to Let Go

Most Canadian Megacorp employees are not afraid to take all their vacation days and leave their mobile phones turned off. American Megacorp employees are the worst in the industrialized world on forfeiting vacation time and keeping their phones on at the beach whilst on vacation. In fact, they are proud of their sacrifices.

What idiots.

Again, productivity and mental health studies have shown this type of behaviour is very unhealthy and counterproductive. Megacorp is so terribly stupid that they can’t see this route of self deprivation leads to workplace stress, disability claims, and decreased productivity.

Skipping Lunch

The Yankee Megacorp encourages not taking a lunch break and, instead, hunching over your desk gobbling lunch tapping away on the keyboards. Again, productivity studies have shown this decreases productivity.

I almost always took an hour break to go for a long lunchtime walk. I returned energized while most of my colleagues were looking sallow and tired; but, God bless their devotion. When they are terminated let them realize what chumps they were.

No Concept of Personal Time

Americans are obsessed by the importance of what they are doing. So, so important. No personal time should interfere.

Smartphones and VPN access are open 24 hours a day. To hell with family or personal time. Slavery may have been formally abolished in the United States for blacks, but for the Megacorp office tower worker it flourishes.

As Megacorp International works in different time zones there is no clear definition what a workday is.

Fear of Termination

United States severance packages are about a quarter of what Canadians receive unless, of course, you are in the Senior Management Team. Americans then have a greater reason to fear employment termination than Canadians. Is this then why they are more easily manipulated by America Megacorp than Canadian Megacorp?

Is this is but another inducement to work themselves to the bone. The lack of socialized medicine in the United States is also a big threat to an unemployed American Megacorp employee, as when that employee is terminated the employer subsidized medical insurance is also terminated.


I have found that American Megacorp employees are obsessed with aligning themselves with, and being noticed by, their leader. Vying for attention and being noticed is crucial.

I recall on a trip to New York to meet our new corporate legal leader I was elbowed out of the way by my American legal colleagues. Desperation beyond belief.


I made many friends at Turtle Bay America. I was their equal. However, there were some, more on the business side than the legal side, who treated Canada as a second-class socialist state. There is a terrible fear in the US about socialized medicine that makes Canadians appear as bad as Kim Jung-un’s North Korea.

I’d also say, many Americans view themselves as superior to the rest of the world. Being an empire in decline, this is hard to understand.

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Life at Megacorp is a true-to-life account of living and working in the higher echelons of the corporate world. Ross Trenholm is the fictionalized persona of those who have lived the Megacorp life and only the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent.