Liberal Essex Nominee Has Clinton Connection



(ESSEX, ON) – A long-time activist and provincial public servant was nominated yesterday as the Ontario Liberal Party candidate in the riding of Essex. Kate Festeryga works as an issues manager with the Ontario government and said her experiences in the frontline of public service help her understand how to accomplish real, positive change for the people in her community and build the programs and services that people rely on.

“Essex County is my home, and it needs a strong voice at Queen’s Park that reflects its importance in our province,” said Festeryga. “As your MPP for Essex, I will be that voice.”

Festeryga has been engaged in community-building and politics for years, working on multiple campaigns including Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run. She says that campaign cemented her belief in positive, progressive change-making and cautioned her to the risks that come with reckless economic decisions and leaders only interested in benefiting big business.

“Health care, transportation and education; government has a role to play in making sure people have fair and equal access to these, and we can’t get there without a solid plan we know will work” she said.

Festsegya said that Taras Natyshak and the NDP are pitching a platform based on careless mistakes and unfunded promises while Chris Lewis and the Doug Ford Conservatives have threatened billions of dollars in cuts to critical public services. She said the Ontario Liberal Party is focused on investing in the services and infrastructure people rely on.

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  1. Scott Kuli | 19 May 2018 at 17:45 |

    hillary said during her campaign to a group of bankers that she understands the importance of having a public policy and a private policy. If you worked for someone like that you’re a discredited creature, not a public servant.

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