Essex Councilors Denied Fire Report

(ESSEX, ON) – It appears as though its a pretty slim chance that Essex Town Council will be able to see the full workplace assessment for the Essex Fire and Rescue Service. Even slimmer is the chance that the general public will see any of the report.

At the last council meeting, Councillor Sherry Bondy requested that Ron Rogers’ Notice of Motion to see the report be tabled. The reason as that she wanted to hear part 2 of what CAO Donna Hunter had to say.

Hunter and Council will shut the doors to the public Monday, April 30, as it appears that they will discuss a personnel matter.

Essex resident Dan Gray recently reported that his Freedom of Information Act request, to see the report in its entirety, was denied. He also wanted to know the cost of the report, but was told that the investigator isn’t done yet.

Apparently there is only one copy of the report and Hunter is keeping to herself and not showing or sharing with anyone.

“The public seeing the report might further divide our community,” Bondy said recently. “That is where council discretion comes in.”

There does need to be some protection of the person or persons mentioned in the report. But in instances of public safety, more information needs to be forthcoming.

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About the Author

Fred Groves
Formerly with the Essex Free Press, Fred Groves is a local journalist and the author of Rising from the Rubble, the story of the 1980 explosion which leveled the town, and of Homeless Not Hopeless, an in depth look at five people living on the streets of Windsor and how they turned heir lives around.