ERCA Warns Of Flooding Possibility

(ESSEX, ON) – The Essex Region Conservation Authority is advising that, due to the existing snow cover throughout the region and current forecasts predicting temperatures to be above freezing today and potentially reaching 6C tomorrow, the possibility of runoff resulting from melting snow exists throughout the entire Essex Region.

Additionally, 10mm to 15mm of precipitation is predicted for Thursday, which will increase the runoff potential.

Runoff generated from the snow melt and rain has the potential to cause flooding throughout the entire region including all low lying areas and at drainage catch basins, standpipes, and other surface water
drainage inlets. Accumulated standing water depths can vary dramatically and should be avoided.

In addition, most of the open waterways in the region are frozen and covered with snow. Runoff entering and flowing through these open waterways has a high probability of causing ice surfaces to breakup and start to flow. The refrozen ice in most waterways has ruptured previously and ice quality is inconsistent throughout the region.

Flowing ice within open waterways can create ice blockages at bridges and culverts resulting in flooding of the low lying areas adjacent to the waterways.

People should take extra caution and avoid rivers, lakes, ditches, streams, and ponds. Flowing water and standing water can be extremely hazardous. Any remaining ice cover on the waterways will be unstable and dangerous.

A combination of slippery banks, moving/melting ice, and cold water is particularly dangerous. People should keep children, pets, and livestock away from ice covered waterways and areas of flowing and standing water.

This advisory is effect until Friday, February 16 at 9am.

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