ERCA Advises Of Flooding Threat

(ESSEX, ON) – The Essex Region Conservation Authority is advising total rainfall depths within the Essex Region have ranged from approximately 40mm to 70mm, resulting in standing water in many areas throughout the region. Waterways are currently flowing at elevated levels, but are generally contained to their channels and associated low-lying floodplains.

Once the rain ends, water will continue to drain from the lands to the region’s waterways and ultimately outlet to Lake St Clair, Lake Erie, and the Detroit River. Elevated water levels are expected in the region’s waterways for the next few days with the continued potential to cause flooding in all low-lying areas adjacent to waterways.

Accumulated standing water depths can vary dramatically and should be avoided. Along most major waterways, the remaining ice cover is flowing towards the lakes and the Detroit River. There remains the potential for ice blockages at bridge and culvert locations due to flow within the waterways.

Nearshore lake areas within the region remain covered with ice of varying thickness. As a result, there remains the potential for ice blockage and flooding at the outlet sections of the region’s waterways.

People should take extra caution and avoid rivers, lakes, ditches, streams, and ponds. Flowing water and standing water can be extremely hazardous. Any remaining ice cover on the waterways will be unstable and dangerous.

A combination of slippery banks, moving/melting ice, and cold water is particularly dangerous. People should keep children, pets, and livestock away from ice covered waterways and areas of flowing and standing water.

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