Burmester Ten Year-Old Tawny Port

(TORONTO, ON) – I just returned from attending a full day educational session on Port wine at George Brown College in Toronto. We managed to sample a dozen or so Ports and learnt just about all a brain could tolerate.

Burmester-10-year-old-TawnyPut a Port in front of me and I can most likely tell you what type of Port you are drinking. However, the world of Port is terribly complex, highly regulated, and subject to a myriad of rules designed to keep prices stable.

Upon my return from Portugal, I’ll try and review some more Ports and weave in the rules and practices so not to overwhelm you.

Port is a luxury product at a discount price. Its enormous quality control mechanisms ensure quality at all levels of Port production. One interesting fact is that when a Port is capable of being aged, such as a Vintage Port, A Late Bottled Vintage Port, a Tawny Port, or even a Lagrima white Port, the ageing process results in a golden coloured product.

Before I head to Portugal, I leave you with a quick review of the Burmester Ten Year-Old Tawny Port.

It looks a bit like cranberry juice. On the nose, full of rhubarb pie, orange marmalade, milk chocolate, and overripe strawberries.

On the palate, a creamy texture with Greek thyme honey, cloves, butterscotch, and Kinder chocolate egg. It’s a little thin on the palate, but a nifty seam of acidity just might help it to develop over the next few years.

Ideal with egg-based Portuguese desserts and with Greek honey-based cakes and pastries. Drink now as an after-dinner drink with or without dessert.

Here’s some trivia.

Canada is Port’s 9th largest market. In 2017 Portugal surpassed France as Port’s largest market.

(Burmester Ten Year-Old Tawny Port, Sogevinus Fine Wines, Villa Nova de Gaia, Portugal, $28.95, 750mL, LCBO #223958, Square Media Group Rating 85/100)

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