Broadband Connectivity Gets Infusion

(WYOMING, ON) – The government of Ontario has committed to expanding broadband connectivity in southwestern Ontario with an additional $500 million investment, over three years.

“We are pleased to see that the provincial budget has recognized broadband as an essential means by which citizens and businesses access information, offer services and create opportunities,” said Gerry Marshall, the board chair at SWIFT. “We look forward to receiving additional details regarding this investment so that we can better understand how the government plans to address the growing Internet infrastructure needs of Ontario’s rural and remote communities.”

SWIFT will continue to work with all levels of government and other stakeholder groups to maximize broadband infrastructure investments until a fully integrated, fibre optic network has been built, which connects southwestern Ontario, Caledon, and the Niagara Region.

“We commend the provincial government’s continued commitment to invest in broadband infrastructure and improve connectivity in rural and urban communities,” said Geoff Hogan, CEO of SWIFT. “We look forward to seeing the details in the upcoming provincial broadband strategy that will hopefully have a plan to give all Ontario’s residents equitable access to the internet.”

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