Woman Provides Police With Garbage Explanation

(CHATHAM, ON) – On September 29 at around 3:30am, a Pain Court woman was driving her vehicle, on Sheldon Avenue in Chatham, when she failed to make the turn onto Lowe Street. As a result, she lost control of her vehicle, struck a hydro pole, and went into a ditch.

The woman then called police to report the collision. No injuries were reported and the damage value was estimated at $10,000.

In a statement to police, she explained that the collision was a result of having to swerve away from a large blue garbage can that was in the middle of the road. Police learned, however, that the garbage can was taken from a nearby residence and strategically placed in the middle of the road after the collision had already occurred.

Last night at 7:00pm, Amelia Morris, 25, of Notre Dame Street in Pain Court, was arrested and charged with public mischief. She was released from Chatham-Kent Police Service Headquarters with a court date of October 24.

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