Wine Rack Opens On Victoria Day

(WINDSOR, ON) – In a possible move to change the dynamics of the famed 2-4 weekend, Windsor’s Wine Rack wine boutiques will open on the nation’s Victoria Day. The May holiday is designed to recognize the birthday of Britain’s Queen Victoria as well as the current reigning monarch.

The day is also the first long weekend of the summer and is seen as the unofficial start of the season. It has been dubbed the 2-4 weekend, not because it happens around the 24 day of May but more so because of the traditional packaging of beer, cans, or bottles in 24s.

If nothing else, it seems the Wine Rack is trying to change the beverage of choice of Canadians on the holiday. It doesn’t admit to such, only declaring in a statement that the store openings are designed solely to make the purchase of its wines on offer, “… much more convenient.”

Currently, its outlets offer more than 150 different wines, over 70 of which are VQA, a designation to alert consumers to the fact the product is genuine Ontario wine. Its brands include products known nationally, including Jackson-Triggs, Inniskillin, Sawmill Creek, Naked Grape, and Growers Cider.

All of its outlets in Windsor are located in grocery stores.

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