Windsor’s Inside Workers Avert Strike

(WINDSOR, ON) – Windsor’s inside workers, members of CUPE local 543, gathered yesterday evening at the Caboto Club to vote on the latest offer from the city’s bargaining unit. With an overwhelming majority of 94.4%, the members voted to accept the negotiated offer, thus avoiding a repeat of the 101-day strike from 2009.

The two sides needed the assistance of a conciliator, to smooth out the remaining sticking points keeping them apart, after the city walked away from the table. At issue was the city’s attempt to rewrite bumping rights language to remove the ability of qualified workers to bump into higher pay grades, if their positions were eliminated, despite having more seniority.

Bargaining brought the resolution that “bumping up” will continue to be permitted, but the employee will be required to successfully pass testing.

Other negotiated items included 1.25% pay raises in each of the four years of the contract, an increase in the prescription co-pay from $2 to $5, and stronger job security for employees hired prior to December 31, 2001.

CUPE local 543 represents about 1,400 inside workers. Approximately 350 attended last night’s ratification vote.

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