Windsor Man Busted In Private Luring Sting

(WINDSOR, ON) – On July 30, a citizen arrived at Windsor Police headquarters to report an incident of child luring. She advised that she watched a video on the internet which was created by a person posing as 13 year-old girl and who began communicating with a 40 year-old man via online messaging.

The communication between the two of them turned sexual in nature with the man allegedly sending sexually explicit images of himself. The pair subsequently arranged to meet.

The video concludes with the person posing as the girl confronting the man in a public place about their conversations and his intentions.

The Windsor Police’s Internet Child Exploitation Unit reviewed the evidence and determined further investigation was required to prove the authenticity and contents of the highly edited video. Over the course of the investigation, Windsor Police received numerous complainants from citizens in relation to the video which continued to circulate online.

Officers spoke to the two people in the video and found that the man could be arrested for luring and transmitting sexually explicit material to a person believed to be under the age of 16 years. On August 8, officers arrested the man at his residence without incident.

Ryan Jessop, 40, from Windsor, is charged with telecommunicating with a person believed to be under 16 years for specific criminal offences and with making available sexually explicit material available to a person under, or believed to be under, 16 years for specific criminal offences.

The Windsor Police realize that this investigation has garnered a high level of interest in the community, but they are reminding the public that there are many sensitive issues which are considered during the investigative process. All complaints received from the community are investigated but, on a general case basis, WPS does not comment on them in order to protect the integrity of the investigation and the potential court process which may follow.

Police also have to protect and respect the privacy of everyone involved in the investigations. Some probes involving the internet take more time because of the many intricacies in the process and procedures. There are many rules of evidence, case law, charter rights, and facts and issues which have to be considered during the entire process.

When carrying out covert investigations into child luring, the Internet Child Exploitation Unit has to consider these elements and many others to substantiate a criminal charge and satisfy the requirements of the courts.

WPS strongly advises against conducting  and acting on your own investigation into a criminal offence as it may put your own personal safety at risk. If you have information regarding criminal offences or suspicious people or activity, call the police to investigate. Acting on your own investigation could also lead to you assuming criminal or civil liability.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of child exploitation report it to police as well as This website allows citizens to report concerns about online sexual exploitation of children. The material is then disseminated to the appropriate police service. also provides tips for online safety for children and parents.

The investigation is ongoing.

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