Windsor Adopts Online Parking Payment Service

(WINDSOR, ON) – Windsor is moving forward with a pay for parking service for both metered street parking and city-run surface lots. Signs will be located on Windsor parking meters and pay units directing interested users to login to Passport Canada through their smart phone.

Once there, users will need to create an account and then pay for parking. It should be noted that motorists cannot complete the full registration unless they are currently paying for parking and know the specific zone number for their area. The service links the driver to their credit card and vehicle.

The company providing the service is Passport Parking and its Canadian subsidiary is Passport Canada. Again, take note that the company has nothing to do with actual Canadian passports. There will be a name change in the New Year due to the confusion.

“The name is a bit confusing right now, but the service is great,” said parking compliance and enforcement supervisor Bill Kralovensky. “It’s a well established app elsewhere in Canada and the United States. I’ve used their Park Detroit version and it works beautifully.”

Once the driver and vehicle account are completed, the service can be used in Windsor, starting December 18, as well as in Toronto, Vancouver, Detroit, Boston, and Chicago.

Coin operated meters will not be replaced by the online service in Windsor. Drivers can continue to pay for parking using coins rather than the new service.

“It’s another option and one that we feel is more in keeping with the times,” said Kralovensky. “Everyone seems to have a smart phone these days, but not everyone has change in their pocket.”

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