Why Wouldn’t You Protect Your Travel Investment?

Spring has sprung and summer will soon be on its way. A lot of us have family getaways planned or are in the process of planning them, whether it be land or cruise, local or overseas. The one important thing to always remember is to never leave home without your travel insurance

Don’t roll your eyes here, or you will be shaking your head later should issues arise.

Do you want to avoid being this guy?

Do you want to avoid being this guy?

A lot of people are under the assumption that they are covered with their credit card that they use to purchase their trip; the common quotes we often hear are, “My spouse is covered at work,” “My credit card covers me,” and, the worst one of all, “I don’t need insurance.”

Let’s take you a few steps further

While on the family reunion cruise of a lifetime, you and your family decide to do a snorkeling excursion. All of a sudden, you take up too much water, start to cough, and what looks like an easy swimming time causes you to need to flag for attention and are saved by the snorkel guide.

You are immediately brought to the local hospital in the tropics to be attended to, however, in the process, your ship leaves port and sails away.

Your life was saved. With your family by your side. You don’t freak out because you purchased the right travel insurance package from your travel consultant, resulting in the ship being contacted and you and your family are flown to catch the rest of your cruise vacation by boarding the ship at the next port the next morning.

What about saving up all your life for that amazing dream river cruise for your 50th wedding anniversary? On the Danube with one of the most famous river cruise lines. A high ticket price item. We are talking over $10K, plus.

You are paid in full and are anxiously awaiting the departure date, a few months from now. Suddenly, your spouse is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Due to medical treatments, you were forced to cancel this dream voyage until further notice.

Trip cancellation insurance was purchased, so you received your refund, and peace of mind while you heal and hopefully can plan again.

However, sometimes the not so peace of mind can happen.

Imagine booking your trip with a two-day, pre-cruise stay in a hotel. Because of a major snowstorm at home, your flight is delayed, causing you to miss one night of your hotel stay.

You are not upset and maintain your cool because you believe your credit card is covering you. You finally get to your destination relaxed and enjoy your trip. However, because of what you thought and didn’t ask your trusted travel agent, you are out $200 for the hotel stay for the night of delay and storm. When you receive your credit card statement you are shocked.

Lesson learned. Your next trip, six months later, had the right insurance purchase.

Lastly, what about the most common scenario?

Travel ins 2Arriving at your destination in the south while your luggage ends up north? Have you ever tried to wear the same clothes for more than two days?

When you’re stranded for a week, it could get a little uncomfortable, not to mention ripe. With proper insurance, you are given a budget to purchase some items to make your trip bearable.

Have you ever lost your passport? That’s something you don’t wish on your worst enemy.

What would you do in all the above situations?

The answer is simple. We protect our car, we protect our house, and we protect our life with insurance policies. Why wouldn’t you protect your travel investments?

Travel ins 3The purpose of the above true and actual customer scenarios was not to scare you. They were just to demonstrate to you what the right travel insurance can protect and assist you with. Thinking that you are covered with your credit card sometimes is not good enough.

Know your coverage, ask the right questions, and seek out a trusted travel agent to assist you.

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