Vehicle Survival Rates On The Increase

(RICHMOND HILL, ON) – Data relating to survival rates, the per cent of vehicles on the road after specific periods of time, can offer interesting perspectives on the industry and the vehicle parc.

On the surface, overall survival rates have increased in recent years as manufacturers place more emphasis on quality. At a more granular level, however, the study of these survival rates offers insight into the types of vehicles that last longer and why that might happen.

In this month’s Observations, the historical and current survival rates are compared to answer questions relating to the types of vehicles which last longer and what it means for the industry.

Topics of discussion include the survival rate by engine type, how segment characteristics play a role in a vehicle’s longevity, usage rates, and the potential impact on environmental policy.

More information can be found in the DesRosiers Automotive Reports published by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants. For more information on these reports, contact Terry Chung at 905-881-0400 x26 or by email.

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Dennis DesRosiers
Dennis DesRosiers
Since the founding of his independent consulting practice in 1985, Dennis DesRosiers has become Canada’s leading automotive industry analyst and one of the foremost theorists in the North American automotive industry. Email Dennis DesRosiers
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