Troubadour Cousins Serenade City

Rocky Ieraci and Rocky Ieraci entertained the crowds on Erie Street during Tour di Via Italia festivities on 2 September 2017.Photo by Robert Tuomi.

Rocky Ieraci and Rocky Ieraci entertained the crowds on Erie Street during Tour di Via Italia festivities on 2 September 2017.
Photo by Robert Tuomi.

(WINDSOR, ON) – For 35 years Rocky Ieraci and Rocky Ieraci have been touring the region and bringing their brand of soothing music to very appreciative audiences at private functions, restaurants, weddings, and multiple other events. So, it was no surprise to see the cousins serenading Erie Street restaurant patrons on the eve of Via Italia’s famed bike race last Saturday evening.

Having the same names is not by chance. It is a tradition in their extended family to reuse the name of the family’s grandfather by giving it to first born sons. And so, Rocky and Rocky are stuck with that rarest of complications of never knowing who is being called when someone calls out, “Rocky.”

Tradition is something that the pair hold true. Most of their music is classic but not the classics.

With Rocky on guitar and Rocky on accordion, they stick to the ever popular Latin beat, but will not hesitate to throw in some of the never forgotten, at least for their audiences, material from the crooners of times gone by. One of the most asked for are songs made famous by Dean Martin.

Music, it turns out, runs in the family.

In the 1940s, relative Pat Ciccone, known to many around the city as the Accordion Master, opened the Rose City’s first musical instrument store. And Rocky Ieraci isn’t just an accomplished accordion player. He is also a holder of a Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. He is also on the staff of Holy Names high school.

Guitar playing Rocky Ieraci took a different career path. On work days he can be found heading business development at Sterling Mutuals, a local independent investment mutual fund dealer.

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