Tilbury Driver Unable To Provide Breath Sample

(TILBURY, ON) – Last night around 10:00pm, Chatham-Kent Police were dispatched to a parking lot near Massey Drive and Lyon Avenue North, in Tilbury, where a parked vehicle’s horn had been sounding for approximately 45 minutes. Police were informed that there were two small children in the vehicle and they were the ones responsible for honking the horn for such a long period of time.

Upon arrival, the officer found the vehicle driving away. As he caught up to it, he watched the driver drive over a curb. The officer immediately initiated a traffic stop.

As he approached the vehicle, he saw two small children in the back seat, one of whom was not wearing a seatbelt. In addition, as he started speaking to the driver, he could smell a strong odour of alcohol on her breath, her speech was slurred, and she had a difficult time retrieving her documents.

Another officer arrived to sit with the two children while the other attempted to get the woman to provide breath samples. The woman failed to provide a breath sample after numerous attempts.

Angela Provost, 34, of Big Creek Road in Tilbury, was arrested and charged with failing to provide a breath sample in an approved screening device. After further investigation, the officer learned that the woman was also a suspended driver.

Provost was transported to Chatham-Kent Police Service Headquarters. She was released with a future court date for both failing to provide a breath sample and being a suspended driver.

The children were not injured during the incident.

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