Synchro Championship Lands In Windsor

(WINDSOR, ON) – Synchro Canada has announced it will hold its 2018 Canadian Synchronized Swimming Championship at Windsor’s downtown aquatic centre. It will run from April 24 through 28, 2018 and is expected to attract more than 225 Canadian athletes and 100 coaches and officials. Waterloo Synchro will host the championships in collaboration with Synchro Canada and Synchro Swim Ontario.

The event will rely on, “… experienced volunteers from the Waterloo Region,” stated Synchro Canada CEO Jackie Buckingham in the announcement.

Although the competition will not be covered by the nation’s television sports broadcasters, it will be webcast in Canada and around the world through live streaming on digital platforms. In its application package Syncro Canada claims this will provide, “… positive media exposure generated by hosting an event of this stature [which] provides the host city with a strong platform to promote itself as a national sporting destination.”

Neither the City of Windsor nor Synchro Canada has released information on the cost of the event, but in report 109/2017 at City Council’s meeting of September 18, it was noted Synchro Canada, “… will be responsible for the full cost to run all aspects of the championship.”

Windsor will provide staff time drawing from employees at the aquatics centre, the Executive Director of Recreation and Culture, the Sport Tourism Officer, and a member of TWEPI. The report says there will, “… be no recovery of staffing costs.”

Windsor will also forgo charging Syncro Canada a fee to rent its natatorium. Although councillors were told this would be $16,050 and would be the, “… full extent of financial support that is expected from the City for this event. Synchro Canada would be fully responsible for all other costs associated with hosting the event,” a number of other financial responsibilities were detailed in the application form Windsor was required to fill out to host the event.

It is available on Synchro Canada’s website and says that the successful host must be willing to offer, “… the community’s financial, local sponsorship and human resource support.”

To win hosting rights, Windsor had to identify revenue opportunities. This, says the application form, “… should include all levels of government and/or community based host funding or grants, local sponsorship/various in-kind commitments, hotel rebates or commissions, and pool concessions. Venue incentives may consist of a reduction in the facility license fee, percentage rebate of food and beverage sales, portion of parking fees.”

Under General Requirements spelled out in the application, Windsor will be called on to, “… help offset competition expenses, either through value-in-kind (e.g., hospitality, meals, various supplies) or cash contributions.”

The city will also be responsible for promoting the event, “… through locally focused press releases, local sponsorship packages, and other community awareness activities, including websites and local media sources.”

Windsor will also have to outfit its natatorium with an, “… LED video screen of approximately 3 by 5 meters or a Jumbotron … to be hung at a reasonable height above the spectators in the competition area.”

Any existing signage or advertising in the pool area also has to be removed. The only acceptable advertising will be the event logo, host city logo, and/or the logo or name of the pool.

Another stipulation requires, “… a hair gelling room (minimum size 12 sq meters) must be provided for all athletes during competition times, equipped with sufficient power to support 5 kettles and 10 buckets for bobby pins.”

Windsor has not released the costs of these requirements nor of adding a Jumbotron to the natatorium.

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