SUVs, eCars Most Popular In Canada

(RICHMOND HILL, ON) – When asked what type of vehicle they would like to receive from Santa, 23.8 per cent of Canadians favoured an SUV over all other vehicles. The SUV garnered the highest response rate four years in a row.

It’s not a surprising figure given the increasing popularity of light trucks.

The second most popular choice was an electric vehicle with 18 per cent of responses, representing a notable increase over the previous year when only 11.3 per cent selected an electric vehicle. In fact, more consumers were excited about the prospect of receiving an electric car than a practical pick-up truck (13.3 per cent) or an exciting exotic or sports car (12.6 per cent).

The popularity of electric vehicles corresponded directly with education level, as they were far less popular among high school graduates (14.5 per cent) when compared to college (17 per cent) or university-educated consumers (21.7 per cent).

Also, continuing a four year trend, the minivan was the least popular vehicle, according to consumers, with only 5.6 per cent of responses.

Other highlights included the fact that electric vehicles were the most popular choice in Quebec (25.1 per cent) and in British Columbia (21.3 per cent) despite the SUV ranking first overall nationally. Also, consumers from Manitoba and Saskatchewan heavily preferred an SUV, with over one third (35.5 per cent) of responses.

There was a clear correlation between interest and age for many of the vehicle types, with declining interest in exotic and electric cars among older consumers against rising interest in pick-up trucks and small economy cars.

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