Starry Night Downtown

A group of the actors prepare for their photo shoots.Photo by Robert Tuomi.

A group of the actors prepare for their photo shoots.
Photo by Robert Tuomi.

(WINDSOR, ON) – The stars were out in Windsor Saturday evening and it wasn’t even dark. They were actually replica characters from today’s popular comic books and related science fiction movies and television serials. They made their way from Chatham Street to the riverside, some carrying Star Wars lightsabers, indicating the love of Star Wars continues.

What caused the odd procession?

They were making their way to a certain spot along the river that someone had determined to be an ideal place to have their pictures taken. The photos were needed for promotional materials being prepared for this year’s Windsor ComiCon.

Two of the characters assumed the position of their favourite stars.Photo by Robert Tuomi.

Two of the characters assumed the position of their favourite stars.
Photo by Robert Tuomi.

Some of the guests lined up for the show include Star Trek Voyager’s Garrett Wang, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. This year, almost a tradition, a character from the popular comic book turned AMC serial The Walking Dead will be in the house.

Terminus resident Denise Crosby will talk about her character Mary. Crosby also played Tasha Yar in Star Trek.

But, the buzz among the actors was the excitement of knowing Deadpool writer Fabian Nicieza has been booked and will appear at the popular event.

ComiCon will run from August 12 to 13 at Caesars Windsor Colosseum.

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