St Clair Township To Produce More Power

(COURTRIGHT, ON) – The Green Electron Power Project, in St Clair Township, is nearing completion with the installation of a 125MW steam turbine generator, in what will be a 300MW combined cycle power plant. Once operational, it will be one of 30 natural gas generating stations in the province.

Expectations have the plant improving air quality while providing reliable power to the provincial grid. The plant will be operated by Greenfield South Power Corporation, a subsidiary of Eastern Power Ltd, on a 20-year Clean Energy Supply Agreement with the province’s Independent Electrical System Operator of Ontario, and is included in the province’s clean energy, off coal plan.

Major equipment at the plant includes a combustion turbine generator, a heat recovery steam generator, and a steam turbine generator. Plant cooling will be by a wet mechanical draft cooling tower and natural gas will be the sole fuel source for the facility.

The overall thermal efficiency is rated significantly higher than coal fired facilities or simple cycle combustion turbine generator facilities.

According to Gregory Vogt, Greenfield South’s president, this will increase the province’s use of natural gas for power generation. Currently, he says, it makes up, “… about 25% of the installed electrical generation capacity in Ontario.”

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