School Zone Speed Limit Reminder

(LaSALLE, ON) – With teachers and students returning to school on September 5, the Town of LaSalle is reminding all residents that the speed limit in school zones at all LaSalle grade schools is 30kph. These areas are Community Safety Zones.

This includes roads and/or portions of roads located around the following grade schools:

  • Sandwich West Public School: Wyoming Ave. and Elmdale Ave.
  • LaSalle Public School: Mayfair Ave.
  • Sacred Heart Elementary School: Divine St. and Kenwood Blvd.
  • Ecole Monseigneur Augustin Caron: Martin Lane and Matchette Rd.
  • Prince Andrew Public School: Kelly Rd.
  • Holy Cross Elementary School: Sandwich West Pkwy.

Town Council decided to make these areas Community Safety Zones in 2015 in consultation with Administration and the LaSalle Police Service. For everyone’s safety, follow the posted speed limits.

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