Province Launches College Strike Website

(TORONTO, ON) – Starting today, 12,000 community college faculty are voting on the latest offer from Ontario’s College Employer Council. In an effort to stem, what the government says, has been a campaign of misinformation by the faculty’s union, the Council has set up, “a fact-filled website.”

The CEC is negotiating a new contract with the Ontario Public Sector Employee’s Union.

“We are launching this site in response to the union’s continued misrepresentation of the offer being voted on by faculty,” said Sonia Del Missier, the chief negotiator for CEC. “These union tactics are not fair to our faculty or the 500,000 students who are depending on the outcome of the vote.”

As head of the Colleges’ bargaining team, Del Missier said the faculty, “want to review objective information and make their decision based on facts.”

The new website is College Vote.

Del Missier said the government has determined that many of the striking faculty members still have many questions.

“We know that faculty are looking for straight forward information that tells them exactly what is in the offer and what happens if the offer is accepted or if it is rejected,” she explained.

The government addressed thousands of faculty, students, and parents during an audio webcast Monday morning. It has been posted at College Vote along with a transcript from the call. The link has also been shared on college social media platforms.

Questions that remain among faculty members include the details of the government offer and the union’s claim that the offer does not contain agreed-to items. Other topics include salaries and benefits, what happens when the teachers return, the staffing ratios, and the meaning of a yes or no vote by the teachers.

A copy of the Union’s proposals is also available on the website.

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