No-Shows Mar Weekend Swim Meet

A plethora of empty lanes with no competitors posed a problem at the Western Region Long Course Swimming Championship held in Windsor 3-4 June 2017.Photo by Robert Tuomi.

A plethora of empty lanes with no competitors posed a problem at the Western Region Long Course Swimming Championship held in Windsor 3-4 June 2017.
Photo by Robert Tuomi.

(WINDSOR, ON) – To alert the small complement of spectators attending this weekend’s Western Region Long Course Swimming Championship, a voice over the public address system lamented about the number of scratches. With expected swimmers not showing up to the Swim Ontario sanctioned event, hosted by the Windsor Aquatic Club, many of the races had a surplus of lanes and a shortage of swimmers.

The meet was designed to attract both male and female swimmers, from about ten years of age to seventeen. A source told The Square the reason for the no-shows is most likely distance.

He explained the event attracted swimmers from all across Ontario, as far away as Ottawa, and swimmer-rich Toronto. In many cases, faced with the long drive to Windsor, he said, swimmers simply backed out.

The number of swimmers who dropped out of the meet was not available from officials. Swim Ontario official, and WAC Board Secretary, Carla Mallett, refused to comment on the no shows.

Only a few WAC swimmers topped the finals.

Nicole Depooter won the women’s 17 and over 100m butterfly with a time of 1:12.03. Quinn DeGraaf placed first in the men’s 15 year-old 400m freestyle.

The Windsor Essex Swim Team fared better.

Karolina Konior topped the 15 year-old 100m butterfly while Antonia Gheorghita won the 14 year-old’s event. Team member Isidora Sekaric won the 14 year-old 400m freestyle while Amber Lefler took the women’s 17 and over. Jack Kawa won the men’s 15 year-old 100m butterfly with a time of 1:06.72.

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2 Comments on "No-Shows Mar Weekend Swim Meet"

  1. Nancy Hanes | 5 June 2017 at 11:44 |

    Are you insane? That is the conclusion I have come to after reading another one of your ridiculous “opinion” articles regarding swimming. It is clear you have some strange obsession with the sport and more specifically with the Windsor Aquatic Club which, by the way is Aquatic Club not Aquatics club. For someone so interested in us you would think you could get our name right. But it is not surprising as both this article as well as your last one is completely false information. Your previous article was so full of biased, erroneous information that I laughed it off as someone who is completely void of any knowledge of the sport or how much of an impact it has brought to this city. This time however, I cannot sit back and let your insanity continue. Here’s a little tidbit of info for you that might help you not sound like such an incompetent imbecile…. this meet was a regional meet for southwestern Ontario. Toronto and Ottawa teams have their own regionals so they would not be at this meet. Just so you know, this meet brought in over 1000 swimmers and their families to our great city. I’m curious, did you have a hard time scurrying out of the jam-packed lobby to write your scandalous article? Did you find it difficult to find a seat in the “standing room only” viewing area while you critiqued our meet? You are a sad, pathetic reporter who clearly has issues against the Windsor Aquatic Club and the swim community. It needs to stop!

  2. Cord kitson | 5 June 2017 at 11:12 |

    Can you please learn something about swimming before you write these articles. I feel embarrassed for you and your complete lack of knowledge and yet you continue to write about it. How can western regional championships attract swimmers from Ottawa and Toronto when it’s western regionals? They aren’t part of the region but if you did any research at all of then lingering around the pool for 20min talking to random sources you would have known that

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