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(WINDSOR, ON) – Almost overnight, the friendly faces of local television’s weather broadcasters have disappeared. In a surprise move, the local CBC television station announced it was pulling local CTV weathercaster Arms Bumanlag from the competition to be the anchor of its 6pm weekday newscast.

Bumanlag, quoted in a CBC announcement of his new job, said the CBC family had welcomed him, “… with open arms and I’m happy to have found a home at CBC Windsor.” Bumanlag did not explain why he was looking for a new home.

For the last few months, one of his old station mates, Melissa Nakhavoly, has been reading the 6pm news. She had replaced Lisa Xing, who was transferred to Toronto. Nakhavoly’s time at the CTV station ended abruptly at the end of March following an announcement by station owner, Bell Media, that it was canceling all sports reporting at stations in Kitchener, London, and Windsor.

After the dust settled, former sports reporter Bob Bellacicco was doing general reporting and Nakhavoly was gone.

At the moment, CTV Windsor’s weather reports are being handled remotely using staff in London.

Meteorologist Jay Scotland, CBC Windsor’s local weatherman, has also left the building, even though he was never really in it. He has now replaced the storied Kevin “Boomer” Gallant who, for 31 years, brought weather news to the residents of Charlottetown, PEI.

Scotland did not broadcast from Windsor. He simply provided his reports from a studio in Toronto, where he was also the local weather presenter. He’s since relocated his family to the Island and, in a recent tweet, asked, “Is it wrong to love your home this much? Went to the beach today and WOW is #PEI ever beautiful!”

Lately CBC meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe has been doing the local weather, again from a distance. She, too, is not a resident of Windsor, but most recently domiciled in Vancouver.

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