Milkshakes Bringing All The Boys To The Craft Beer Festival

(WINDSOR, ON) – Frank Brewing, Craft heads Brewing Company, and Motor Craft Ales are helping to introduce Windsor to milkshake IPAs at the 2017 Windsor Craft Beer Festival.

Milkshake IPAs are a new style of India Pale Ale which were inspired by 3 Floyds Brewing in Indiana, IN, where lactose was added to the traditional IPA. Lactose is a milk sugar which, up until that point, was almost solely used for stouts.

This slowly caught on with other brewers and has evolved into the addition of oats, wheat, and more to provide a thicker feel, not unlike stouts. This thicker, creamier, almost milkshake-like sensation, with a cloudier look and slightly sweeter taste, has been gaining popularity over the past year.

“Milkshake IPAs are like unicorns,” said Bryan Datoc, co-owner of Craft Heads. “They are often talked about and admired, but they are rarely seen, especially in Windsor.”

While Craft Heads was the first local brewery to showcase this style of IPA to the Windsor region, in April this year, the Windsor Craft Beer Festival is the first time a contingent of this style of beer will be showcased to the masses.

“Our Coconut Milkshake IPA we did back in April was one of our experimental beers that we like trying out at the brewery,” Datoc said. “It gave us a good baseline of what a Milkshake IPA should be so we tweaked the recipe and added a few things to make our Unicorn Nectar Milkshake IPA, which will be available at the festival.”

Brad Wright, the head brewer at Frank Brewing, and some of his co-workers thought before they do a big batch they would play around with it for the festival.

“What better way to get feed back then from a beer fest,” Wright mused. “There will be a large crowd that can give you almost instant feedback.”

Frank’s version of the Milkshake IPA is loaded with vanilla beans and strawberries to give it a punch of flavour. Wright says after the Windsor Craft Beer Festival, patrons of Frank Brewing can expect other versions of Milkshake IPA’s in their tap room as well.

“We are going to make a point of getting back on our one-offs every week,” Wright said. “Once we get a recipe perfected, we will look to adding it to our lineup.”

Jay Souilliere of Motor Craft Ales says to forget what you didn’t like about the highly bitter, puckering IPAs, and try this new style as it continues to make haters into lovers.

“As much as it sounds simple just adding these ingredients, it is a tricky beer to master because of those additions,” said Souilliere. “All I know, it has risen to the top 1-2% of our beer sales at Motor leading up to the festival.”

Motor Craft Ales will be offering a Strawberry Milkshake IPA at the festival.

The Windsor Craft Beer Festival will take place October 13 and 14, at Willistead Manor. Tickets are available in advance.

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