Kabab And Curry May Be Tip Of The Ice Burg

(WINDSOR, ON) – A Wyandotte Street Indian restaurant appears to be temporarily, or possibly even permanently, closed. Kabab and Curry, in the downtown, became one of the first to suffer the consequences of Ontario’s high hydro prices.

Owner Shaukat Khan told CBC News in November last year about his having a hard time making ends meet. His EnWin bill had reportedly doubled in one year.

A January 31 post on the restaurant’s Facebook page talks of the closure being due, “… to medical emergency we are sad to announce that KNC will be closed for one month. Will update later for opening date.”

The post has not been updated, but indicative of the harm of high energy prices there is a February 25 post by Scott Stewart, a man from Sault Ste Marie. He suggests a law suit against the government might be in order.

Disgusted by the high price of hydro, Stewart invites Khan to call him to discuss the matter.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and a few of her Cabinet members are currently named in a lawsuit filed by the Canadian Union of Public Workers. This one is over the government’s partial privatization of Hydro One.

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