GM Leads March Record Auto Sales

(RICHMOND HILL, ON) – March 2017 recorded the highest new vehicle sales on record by a significant margin at 187,540 units. This represented a 7.1% increase over the sales in March 2016 of 175,183 units, which was the previous all-time record for sales in March.

The third highest March sales on record were in 1988 with 161,595 units sold.

The sales of passenger cars declined 0.3%, however this was outweighed by light truck sales having increased 11.1%. Overall Year-to-date sales growth was 4.6%.

The largest year-over-year percentage increases were noted by Jaguar at 227.2%, Maserati at 197.6%, and Nissan at 26.7%. The strength in the market was largely related to significant increases in sales for some of the higher volume brands in Canada such as Nissan at 26.7%, GM at 22.9%, and Honda at 18.7%.

Nissan sales rose to 14,523 units. GM, the overall volume leader, witnessed a sales increase to 30,115 units. Similarly, Honda witnessed a sales increase to 17,392 units.

Double digit declines were also noted, such as Mitsubishi at -10.6%, Hyundai at -14.7%, Volkswagen at -22.4%, and Smart at -83.7%, but these were not enough to offset the healthy overall performance.

More information on these sales numbers can be found in the DesRosiers Automotive Reports published by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants. For more information on these reports contact Lori Gamoff at 905-881-0400 x18 or by email.

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