Essex Weeding Out The Undesirables

(ESSEX, ON) – Under the Nuisance Weed and Tall Grass Control By-Law 1440, tall grass and nuisance weeds have been deemed a public nuisance. Property owners and occupants are required to cut and maintain tall grass to a height not exceeding 8 inches or 20cm, and destroy and remove all nuisance weeds and weed seeds.

Town of Essex By-Law Enforcement Officers may, prior to taking remedial action under this By-law, send a Notice of Contravention to people described in this By-Law, requesting that long grass, weeds, or long grass and weeds be destroyed on their property.

Failure to comply with a Notice of Contravention may result in the Town completing the work and recovering the expenses incurred by adding the cost to the tax roll for the lands. The Town, at its discretion, may also issue a ticket for the violation that will result in a fine under the Provincial Offences Act.

This notice shall be deemed to be effective service on land owners and building occupants.

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