DWBIA Still Fighting for Pelissier

Windsor's Pelissier Street parking garage is seen in this file photo from 27 April 2017.Photo by John Skinner.

Windsor’s Pelissier Street parking garage is seen in this file photo from 27 April 2017.
Photo by John Skinner.

(WINDSOR, ON) – The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association has taken its battle against the city of Windsor to maintain street level retail on the city-owned Pelissier Street parking garage to the information step.

After Windsor Council rescinded a decision to maintain the status quo, the BIA filed a Freedom of Information request with the city for corporate records including, but not limited to, e-mail and text message exchanges, notes, and records between members of Administration and members of City Council, which led to the removal decision.

The reason behind the request for information, says the Association on its website, is to better understand the rationale and reasoning behind Council’s decision. According to the DWBIA, the move by the Council conflicts with the advice of urban planners, architects, residents, and the downtown business community at large.

After city hall reviewed the information request it determined the assembly of the information would require a lengthy manual search. Such searches are only done if the costs are covered by the requestor.

In this case the price was set at $13,672.20.

Because it believes public should have access to such information, the Association has launched a GoFundMe campaign. Close to a quarter of the required amount has so far been raised.

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