Dealers Discarded As Vehicles Age

(RICHMOND HILL, ON) – The age of a vehicle is a critical factor in a vehicle owner’s choice of repair outlet. Based on consumer response analysis from the 2017 DesRosiers Light Vehicle Study, 48.2% of repair and maintenance jobs for vehicles aged between one and three years old were done at a new vehicle dealer.

This number dropped as a vehicle aged with 23.3% of repair and maintenance jobs for six to seven year old vehicles being done at new car dealers. Once a vehicle was thirteen years or older, only 5.8% of jobs were done at new car dealers.

As warranties expired, vehicle owners were less inclined to visit car dealers and turned to the aftermarket in their place. Reliance on the aftermarket did not follow a linear pattern with aftermarket work being most popular for eight to twelve year old vehicles but losing ground to DIY work for older vehicles.

Owners decided to perform repair and maintenance themselves (or with help) 15.4% of the time for a vehicle between one and three years old. This number increased steadily as vehicles aged and owners of thirteen year old or older vehicles performed 41.9% of the work themselves.

However, the rate of DIY has been decreasing for numerous years as the technological complexity of vehicles increases, meaning that a significant amount of repair and maintenance work has shifted to both dealers and the aftermarket.

The 2017 Light Vehicle Study is currently available and offers insights for approximately 30 product categories. Some of the key insights include rate of repair, frequency, DIY vs DIFM percentages, channel share, and brand preferences.

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